Join the Lab

Undergraduate Students:

The KU MAD Lab offers an opportunity for undergraduate students to pursue their interests in cognitive and developmental psychology while gaining research experience by serving as assistants in the lab. Undergraduate students provide assistance with research activities including:
– Entering data and monitoring the quality of data entry
– Transcribing interviews
– Coding/scoring interviews, questionnaires, and psychological assessments
– Data collection (interviewing study participants)
– Library research using PsycINFO
– Complete readings of assigned journal articles and book chapters related to the Memory and Development Lab.
– Attend weekly lab meetings every to discuss issues related to the current research.

To apply, please complete this application and contact Dr. Greenhoot at Application for Independent Study

Graduate Students:

Dr. Greenhoot is currently taking graduate student applications, through either the Cognitive Psychology Doctoral Program ( or the Developmental Psychology Doctoral Program ( also supervises the research activities of some doctoral students in the Clinical Child Psychology Program.