Current Projects: Summer 2018

Talking about past events- for girls ages 11 to 16 years:

Teen friendsAre you a girl between the ages of 11 and 16? Are you interested in participating in a University of Kansas research study with a parent and a best friend? We are conducting a study to see how girls talk about past events with their best friends and a parent. The study involves some surveys and recorded conversations. One of your parents will complete a 30-minute online survey and record a conversation with you. You and your friend will complete some surveys and record a conversation (at your home or our KU research lab), this will take about an hour.

If you are interested, have one of your parents contact the researcher at the email or phone number below. Eligible participants must be typically-developing and native English-speaking females between the ages of 11 and 16. Participants in this study will be asked to recall past negative events. This may make some participants feel upset or cause emotional distress. Participants may also benefit from added processing related to stressful events. Both you and your friend will receive $20 for participating. 

CONTACT: Robyn Kelton-           630-452-9052

For general information about our research, contact us at